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This Week in the Garden – November 17

The title of this post is a bit misleading since it was mid September when I last posted photos from the garden.  Mums and dahlias and asters were the stars of the show in late September and most of October.  In October the leaves started turning and a hard frost, late in the month, gave me a signal that it was time to put everything to bed.  November brought some opportunities to capture frosted delicacies and just last Friday the milkweed seed pods opened to show their glorious display of seeds, ready to scatter in the winter winds.

One of my photography goals this year was to take better pictures in the garden, avoiding the kind of photos you see in a common flower catalog.  I think this was successful overall and to celebrate, I put together a slide show.  If you would like to watch this from YouTube, click the YouTube link in the lower right and it will take you directly to a larger viewer.  You may want to give it a moment  to load.   I don’t recommend going full screen on this one since it plays a little choppy and I haven’t been able to figure out why.


This Week in the Garden – September 20

In the garden the past couple of weeks it’s evident that we are gradually moving on to fall and one morning I woke up to 39 degrees.  I rescued a poor little butterfly that got caught in the sprinkler and set him on a leaf while he rested his antennae and dried off.  The sunflowers are all nodding their heads and when they are dry they will get cut down and hung out for the squirrels.   The mums, asters and dahlias are beginning to become the stars of the show, but until then annuals are keeping things colorful.

This Week in the Garden – September 6

On their level

On their level

When people ask me how to take better pictures in their garden, the first thing I tell them is to get on their level, the same as you would for pets or small children.  A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the sunflowers were nearly ten feet tall, but in spite of the drought conditions they’ve now grown to at least 12′, as measured by the ladder I put in the garden to photograph them.  Oh, what a flower photographer won’t do to get the shot!  My husband took this photo since I was unable to get to the top of the ladder before the ten-second timer went off.  Watching me race up the ladder would have made an entertaining video!








This Week in the Garden – August 23

The seasons are beginning to shift into autumn. Along with the earlier sunsets, the  lilies are done and the daylilies will soon follow. Exciting things are happening in the vegetable garden, though. We are already tired of cucumbers, corn and tomatoes, the few things the rabbits left for us this year. The squash vines are all over the place and the sunflowers are nearly ten feet tall and will show their sunny faces in a few days.  Even though a gardener has regrets about seeing favorites go, there’s always something to look forward to.

This Week in the Garden – August 9

The last week or so I made an effort to get out to my wildflower garden to capture some of the wildlife it attracts.  I used the big gun, the 180 mm macro lens, to get the butterflies and bees.  The butterflies are easy to scare away, but the bees are so busy at their task, you can get pretty close.  I wish the bees would pose for me, but they are like my grandson who is always on the go.  Many pictures of bee’s behinds went into the trash, but I consider it worthwhile if only one is decent.  Some of the butterflies are already looking pretty shabby, and I’m surprised every year when I’m in the garden and see an insect I’ve never seen before.